在商业场合中”Check in with someone”指「向人报告,和人取得联繫并确认事情进展顺利」;在生活场合中,”Check in with someone”是「问候平安」。

I just want to check in with you….

My boss checked in with me to make sure that everything was alright with the project.

真要说检查,和check相关的片语是check up/check on/check over意思差距不大
· Please check up the data. 请核对一下这些数据。
· Please check on your work. 请检查一下你们的工作。
· Would you mind checking over my report? 你介意帮我核对一下我的报告吗?

另一个也常用check片语是check back,表示再联繫
· All right, I will check back with you in an hour. 好,我一小时后再联繫你啊

Check out的多重用法
稍微複杂的是Check out,它和Check in一样,意思很多重:

  1. 结帐离开
    Mr. White has checked out this morning. 怀特先生今天上午已经结帐走了。

  2. 检查
    I’m not sure whether the light has been turned off - I’ll just go and check it out. 不知道灯关了没有,我去看看好了。

  3. 通过测试
    All the trainees checked out all right. 所有的受训人员都符合要求。

  4. 与事实吻合
    Everything he said checks out. 他说的一切经查证都和事实吻合。

  5. 【口语】快来看!
    That movie was out of this world. You should check it out! 那部电影超棒的,你应该去看看!

要告诉别人一件事,或要对方看一个东西的时候,就可以用check it out这句话来引起注意。就像You know what/Guess what/Look也有同样的功能。